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The Federated States of Phaluhm Phoueck(Phaluhm: Faharatto Stittan sa Phaluhm Phoueck) is a country in South East Asia. It consists of four islands, which are also states,Nazahezan, Kota Kambular, Nuybuey, Retattoand Magazena. These islands make up thePhaluhm Archipelago. Paluhm Phoueck is a consitutional and a parlimentary republic.

Phaluhm Phoueck has about 982,231 inhabitats, mostly with European, American, Filipino or Malayan decendents. They mostly live in the urban cities such as Dauham Sammar Hazaham, Tohezeck, Westal City or Nallek
  • Have lots of money or freetime? Shop n' Drop in Asia's largest mall! Yrners Mall!
  • Dive under the blue whisks of sea! Dive in to Kota Kambular!*
  • Feeling a bit hungry and craving Chinese food? Go Chinatown in Dauham Sammar Hazaham!
  • Feeling in the party mood? Go on Wikas fiestas!
  • Party Up! Go to Negyal Nightclub!
  • Or, you could relax at the Dauham Inn.

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Transportation - Welfare - Health - Environment - Defence - Education - Tourisim and Culture - Energy - Finance - Foreign Relations - Justice - Industry, Agriculture, Industry and Trade 

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  • Renew Tax Credits between 1st September to 30th September.
  • Students are allowed to study overseas between any ASEAN, US, IWO or EU country, please see the Department of Education for more details.
  • All foreign travel to Kambular and Magazena is banned until 11th October.
  • Passport and Citizenship entries are now available for reviewal.

Verify if your passport is legal. Edit

Applicable to Balulu and Phaluhm citizens only.

Physical Appearence Edit

The passports are dark red coloured and features the Star of Phaluhm or the Star and Cresent for Balulu citizens.

The words "ASEAN" and "PASSPORT" and "PASSPORTE" are embedded for the Phaluhm passport. Balulu residents have the words "ASEAN" and "PASSPORT" and "PASSPORTE" and "جواز سفر"embedded.


Balulu residents will have "FEDERATED STATES OF PHALUHM PHOUECK (BALULU)" and"FAHRATTO SITTAN SA PHALUHM PHOUECK (BALULU)" and "(فحرتو ستاً سفلهم فوك (بللو" embbeded at the top.

Also check if your passport for poor printing or smudges, that will usualy indicate a illegal passport.