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Anyone can create a website on this wiki!
Wiki Web is an project started by Niels20020. On Wiki Web you can create a website for your company in a wikination.

You can use:

  • .lo for Lovia
  • .bt for Brunant
  • .lib for Libertas
  • .ta for Traspes
  • .ii for the Insel Islands
    • .gov.ii for the Insel Islands' government
  • .jl for Juliana
    • .gov.jl for Juliana's government
  • .kb for Kemburg
  • .ha for the Harvian Islands
  • .sa for the Southern Arc Islands
    • for the government of the Southern Arc Islands
  • .mao for Mäöres
  • .azo for Azora
  • .pi for Pasimi
  • .li for Ilenulando
  • .pp for Phaluhm Phoueck
    • .gov.jl for Phaluhm Phoueck's government
  • You may also use the normal landcodes, like .uk, .nl, .be etc., for websites in the language of that country

Fill the name of your website in te box! (Always start with www. and ends with the landcode)

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